32″ ARIUS Digital Home Piano

Standard size, 88-key model of the ARIUS digital piano featuring weighted keyboard. With Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano sound as a built-in Voice, experience a rich expressive playing feel with the GHS keyboard. Includes newly equipped ear-friendly functions, and compatibility with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app.

  • Meticulously sampled from Yamaha’s flagship CFX grand piano
  • 10 Voices, 353 Songs
  • New Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite)
  • GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard with matte black keytops
  • Half Damper
  • USB to HOST (Audio/MIDI)
  • 2 Track Song Recorder
  • Gentle on the ears when playing with headphones
  • 192-Note Polyphony
  • Built-in stereo amplifier (8 W x 2)
  • Built-in stereo speaker system (12 cm x 2)
  • Smart Pianist app compatibility – featuring intuitive operation and score viewing
  • 50 Preset Songs with Music Book

YDP145 Video Overview

Colors/Finishes: Black Walnut, Rosewood


The little piano that could.
ARIUS Series Video Overview

Enjoyment that stays with you
The luxurious tone and expressive ease of playing stays true to the basics of a real piano. It almost plays itself, releasing the sound and music you have within. Start your day with music and a huge smile on your face—the ARIUS piano makes you want to play more and more.

Limiting the maximum volume
A new Volume Limiter function lets you set a fixed maximum volume level, to protect your hearing from loud sound over the speakers or headphones.

Features for greater listening comfort when using headphones
The YDP-145 employs new technology that corrects the sound balance optimally according to the volume you set—giving you an exceptionally natural sound that’s easy to listen to and is gentle on the ears, even when playing for a long time. The Stereophonic Optimizer effect lets you enjoy the natural, spacious sound you experience sitting in front of an acoustic grand piano, even when wearing headphones.

Record and play back your performances
The YDP-145 has powerful tools that let you record and check your performances, or record a part with just one hand and practice the other part while listening along to the first. Moreover, you can record two parts separately—for example, the left- and right-hand parts, or record two Voices in succession to make a complete song and arrangement.

Play along with a partner — in the same octave
This effectively makes the instrument two keyboards in one, letting two players play the same piano sound and octave range side-by-side. This is especially useful when learning with a partner, letting you learn and practice parts together.

Rich, powerful sound provided by the tone escapement construction
The YDP-145 uses a newly developed tone escapement construction on the back of the cabinet that emanates sound from inside the piano. This allows you to experience the natural sound radiation and three-dimensional resonance like that of an acoustic piano.


Powerful grand piano tone

Beautiful, powerful sound sampled from the acclaimed Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano. Our state-of-the-art recording method recreates the iconic Yamaha CFX sound, no concert hall required. The YDP-145 features a piano Voice sampled from Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand piano—a renowned piano that delivers sparkling highs and a powerful resonant bass combined in a superbly expressive sound. The YDP-145 has the same detailed sound—from the lower keys to the higher keys—full of clarity and rich in colorful harmonic content. It gives you extraordinary expressive power and nuance, that authentically responds in your daily practice as well as your most emotion-filled performances.


Fashionably sound design

Stylish design matches your room interior. Graceful curves and a stylish design helps ARIUS to feel at home in any home. While based primarily on straight lines, it has a stylish design that incorporates elegant curves that are typical of a grand piano. With a variety of color variations, you can choose one to complement your interior and personal taste.


Authentic acoustic piano touch

Authentic acoustic piano playability. Weighted keys reproduce the responsive, controlled touch you’ve come to expect in a Yamaha acoustic piano. With an 88-key piano action, the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, from a naturally heavy feel in the lower key to a lighter touch in the upper octaves. The GHS keyboard provides a grand piano-style response and feel, allowing rapid note repetition and authentic expressive control.


Good virtual vibrations

Harmonic resonance like that of a grand piano. Our innovative Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) recreates the resonance of the soundboard, rim and frame to emulate the natural feeling of an acoustic piano. Even while wearing headphones. One of the allures of the grand piano is the sympathetic resonance created by the vibration of the entire instrument. The YDP-145 elaborately reproduces this rich sympathetic resonance through a groundbreaking technology called Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite). VRM Lite creates a richly varied sound by simulating the complex sympathetic tones created when the vibrations of the strings are propagated to the soundboard and other strings, corresponding to the timing and intensity of key playing and pedaling.


3 pedals, unlimited expression

Half-damper pedal control. Soft (una corda), sostenuto and sustaining (damper) pedals provide the essential feeling and control found on all acoustic pianos. Moreover, there’s a half-damper feature that authentically replicates the damper action on a grand piano, providing rich expressive variation.


Two headphones are better than one

Practice duets, work quietly with a piano teacher or have a friend listen in. Dual headphone jacks make playing your piano twice as fun.


Works with your smart devices

Rich variety of built-in songs, and intuitive operation with Smart Pianist app. Selecting Voices and choosing settings is easier than ever. Simply connect your smart device by USB and use the Smart Pianist or Digital Piano Controller apps to help you do it. Naturally, the YDP-145 has an authentic grand piano sound, but it also features various other built-in instrument sounds, for a total of 10 Voices—including electric piano, organ, vibraphone, and strings. The YDP-145 also has 353 built-in songs, including 50 famous classical songs, and 303 comprehensive practice exercises from famous methods, such as Beyer, Burgmüller, Czerny, and Hanon. The instrument is also compatible with Yamaha’s free Smart Pianist app—simply download the app to your smart device and connect it to the instrument*. With the Smart Pianist app, you can easily operate the various Voice functions of the instrument and use it to call up scores of the built-in songs. It also features a comprehensive Piano Room function for changing the tonal quality and resonance settings of the piano sound.
* A cable connection is required. Make sure to purchase the correct cable for your smart device.


Make your voices heard

Piano and Strings. Bass and guitar. French Horn and Cello. Dual Voice Mode lets you play two Voices at the same time for nearly infinite musical inspiration.


Be your own accompanist

Arius makes it easy to record yourself, play along and share your performances. Record the right hand so you can practice the left. Listen back to hear your progress and more. The possibilities are endless. Arius makes it easy to record and share your performances. So you can give your recording engineer the afternoon off.


Keys the other digital pianos can't touch

Our proprietary synthetic ebony and ivory keytops have a natural, comfortable feel that players of all levels can’t wait to get their hands on.

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What are the differences between GHS keyboard, and GH3 keyboard?

GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard: Well suited for the beginner pianist and delivers the graded, weighted touch piano teachers recommend for building proper technique for playing acoustic pianos.

GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard: GH3 keyboard swings back faster, like high quality piano keys. GH3 keyboard allows the player to feel the weight of the key when depressed a second time, even when the player has not completely released the key after the first push of the key.

What is half-pedaling?

Half-pedaling is the function that enables you to change the amount of sustain by varying the degree to which the damper (sustain) pedal is applied. If the effect of the damper pedal causes the passage to be smeary, you can reduce the effect by decreasing the degree that the damper (sustain) pedal is depressed.

What is the maximum number of polyphony?

Polyphony is the total amount of notes that can be played by a musical instrument at one time. If the polyphony count is exceeded, the first notes played will begin dropping out.

A higher polyphony count enables you to enjoy playing more complex songs with both hands and extensive use of the damper pedal without interrupting the sound.

How much space is needed for placing the digital piano?

The width of the 88-key digital piano is over 1,350 mm [53-1/4″], and the depth of that is over 300 mm [11-13/16’’].

So, to play the digital piano with correct posture, at least 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm [59-1/16’’ x 59-1/16’’] is needed for placing the digital piano and the bench.

Can I disassemble the digital piano?

Almost all the digital pianos can be disassembled.

If you want to move the digital piano to another location but it is too big to move, you can disassemble it.

To disassemble the unit, reverse the assembly sequence on the owner’s manual. Disassembly should be carried out by at least two people.

Note the following points when you assemble, disassemble, and transport the instrument.

  • Be careful not to lose any items, like screws.
  • Do not subject the instrument to excessive vibration or shock.
  • Do not put anything on the instrument.
  • Please check the weight of the instrument on the owner’s manual.
  • After you disassembled the instrument, always keep the keyboard horizontally. Standing the keyboard up may cause damage to the keyboard.

Where is the model name and serial number (SER No.) written on?

The model name and the serial number are written on the sticker attached to the bottom of the keyboard.

Where is the model name and serial number (SER No.) written on?

What type of headphones can I use?

Digital pianos (YDP) with the “standard stereo phone” connector allow you to connect headphones with the “standard stereo phone plug [6.3 mm] (1/4 inch)”.

* Check the Owner’s manual to see which terminals your digital pianos are equipped with.

Can I use alcohol or something to remove viruses?

Alcohol solutions (including alcohol-based disinfectants) and chlorine solutions can cause discoloration and deterioration of keys, exterior surfaces, panels, and so on. In addition, alcohol disinfectants for hands and fingers may also discolor or deteriorate the keys and control surfaces if alcohol remains on the hands.

After disinfecting your hands and fingers, make sure your hands are completely dry before touching the keys or buttons.

Additional information

Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 53.4 × 16.6 × 32.1 in