SOLD Steinway Model B Hamburg

SOLD Steinway Model B Hamburg


Here is a truly special piano. Utterly unique in its origin and story, and meticulously and completely rebuilt to impressive standards using the finest materials, this is a one-of-a-kind instrument that will never see its exact equal. The perfectly preserved ivory keyboard and the amazingly well-preserved and refinished Crotch Mahogany (sometimes also called “Flame” Mahogany) make it an absolutely stunning fixture for any room. It was completed in the Hamburg Steinway Factory on 17 November 1928. Sold from a showroom in Berlin to a banker shortly thereafter, the piano and its family escaped the already rising fascist nazi tide between 1933-’34, making its way, via Switzerland, to New York City. From then, it remained privately owned until now and has just recently become available for purchase.

In 2003 it was extensively rebuilt and/or preserved: The irreplaceably-rare crotch mahogany veneer was restored and refinished, as were the elephant ivory keytops. Its action has been replaced with Steinway parts throughout. Laoureux Damper Felts. Sanderson Accustring Bass Strings. Roslau Music Wire. Denro Tuning Pins. Bridge Caps, Soundboard, and Pinblock, all from Bolduc.

This piano plays and sounds like a dream; its depth of tonal color and dynamic range are stupendous. Its appearance speaks for itself. To fully appreciate it of course, it must be seen in person. Click here to request an appointment to see it, or call us at 207-775-2733 for a conversation beforehand!

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Hamburg Model B

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