45″ Professional Collection Institutional Acoustic Upright Piano

Designed for schools and rehearsal areas, these Studio Pianos are often chosen by experienced players for both home and professional use.

Designed by Yamaha in Japan
Crafted by Yamaha in Indonesia
Soundboard: Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: Spruce
Back Posts: 5
Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated
Wood seasoned for destination: Yes
Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process
Key Material: Seasoned spruce
White Key surfaces: Acrypet™
Black Key surfaces: Phenolic Resin
Fallboard: Soft close
Fallboard and lid lock: Yes
Pedal: Soft/Mute/Damper
Caster: Double
Weight: 527 lbs (239kg)

Colors/Finishes: Satin Ebony, Dark Oak, Dark Walnut

Available with Hybrid technology:


Yamaha P22

Head of the class.

The P22 was designed for passionate players to enjoy the rich resonant voice, responsive touch and exceptional tone Yamaha is known for. The durable P22 is ideal for everyday use, and has been the clear choice for schools, studios, religious institutions, and even the home.


The finest woods

P Series soundboards and ribs are crafted from solid spruce that has been hand selected at the Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan, giving these pianos a richer, more resonant voice and evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard.


Back posts; forward-thinking

Years of cutting-edge research, including a proprietary wood-drying process, results in improved back posts that maintain their shape, strength and resonance for years to come.


Advanced V-Pro frame

Yamaha was the first company to use advanced Vacuum Shield Mold casting technology (V-Pro) to create a stronger, lighter, more durable piano frame. Every P Series frame is built to exacting specifications at the Iwata Forge in Japan.


One-of-a-kind hammers

P Series hammers are crafted of the finest materials and painstakingly designed for each model to provide optimum tone, response and a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


Hand-wound bass strings

Yamaha artisans oversee the winding of pure copper and adjust the balance and tension of each bass string to the exacting durability standards and sound profile of every P series piano.


Everything in sight

The P22 boasts a specially designed music rack that spans the entire width of the piano, giving students and teachers the ability to view multiple pages of music at once.


Soft-close fallboard

P22 features a soft-closing mechanism in the fallboard.


Top board lock

The additional lock for the top board prevents children from opening it accidentally.


Top support for tone-escape

Tone escape is achieved by raising the top board with a supporting prop.


Smooth-move double caster

The P22’s specially designed double casters help move the piano smoothly.