SOLD – Hardman Peck R150 French Provincial

SOLD – Hardman Peck R150 French Provincial


Welcome to the fascinating world of budget grands! The Hardman Peck is a stencil brand piano, purchased by the Chinese company Beijing Musical Instruments a few decades ago. One of the things that makes this line interesting is that the Beijing company was contracted to build pianos in partnership with the famous Japanese piano manufacturer Kawai in the mid 90s. The technical knowledge gained from this partnership has lead Hardman Peck to become one of the more reputable entry-level piano brands.

So who is this piano for? If you find that you have the space for a baby Grand but thought you’d never be able to afford it, this could be very interesting to you! Its biggest flaw is the finish — as young as it is (2005) the finish is showing premature wear, with some small cracks starting to form. Other than that, this piano plays very nicely, and has a full, rich tone. We’ve looked through it, and everything that is important to the function of the piano is in good shape. For under $5,000, it will outperform nearly any upright piano in that price range. All it needs is the right sized space in the right family’s home.

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R150 French Provincial

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