Piano Storage VFB Pro

Our normal storage rate is $100/month. If you would like to store your piano with us, please read and agree to the full terms and provide your information below. In most cases, you will also need to fill out a Moving Inquiry— although we can accept your piano delivery to our warehouse by appointment.

Piano Storage

To utilize our storage services, you must agree to all Conditions and Payment Terms— listed farther down this page.

You will get an email confirmation after you submit this form. The confirmation will include a copy of all the information from this page.
If not, please describe your situation below.
If you're not the piano owner, please provide the owner's name and describe your situation:
Please provide approximate date you would like storage to start, and describe how long you think the piano will be with us. (It's ok to say "indefinite" if needed.)
Regular storage is $100/month. For pianos stored longer than one year, we offer Premium Longterm Storage. With this option, we tune the piano 12 months after storage begins, and once yearly thereafter. Do you want to add this option?
Provide make & model, if known. Maker is usually clearly branded on the front. Model is often found near the serial number.
For uprights/verticals, measure from the floor to the top of the piano. For grands, measure from the front of the keys to the farthest point on the back of the piano.
Conditions & Payment Terms
Most people hire Starbird\'s piano movers, but we also can accept your piano delivery to our warehouse by appointment.
We will need the new owner\'s contact information to immediately arrange a new storage agreement or delivery/removal plan.
If you are looking for a buyer, Starbird can assess the piano upon request (for a fee) as a possible candidate for consignment sale.
Storage pianos are fully wrapped up and packed away behind other pianos. Grand pianos are stored on their sides with legs and lyre removed. It is not possible to allow piano visitation.
There is No Charge to extract the piano from the warehouse when it is *leaving* storage to be delivered, but the owner is responsible for moving costs. If not using Starbird\'s movers for delivery, there will be warehouse fees IF our crew is required to help pack up / load the piano, or provide packing materials.
Starbird’s warehouse is separate from the storefront, and does not have “open” hours.
This is usually invoiced along with the moving cost.
If the account has an outstanding balance, a statement will be emailed at the beginning of the month. If payment is not received by the 10th, a $10 late fee will automatically be added each month until it is paid up.
The prorated amount for the remainder of the month will be *refunded* AFTER the piano has left.
It\'s okay if you decide to use a different method later.
Please remember that payment for each month of storage is due *before* the 1st of that month. Thank you!
If this is not you, please provide your information in the \"Additional Information\" section at the bottom.
If different than your email provided at the top
Are there any other people involved with piano ownership, storage communication, or payment responsibility? Please describe your situation and provide names and contact info for any relevant parties. Thank you!