Returned to Consignor – Yamaha C7 (2-pedal)

Returned to Consignor – Yamaha C7 (2-pedal)


The C7 is the biggest piano Yamaha makes below full concert size. With thundering bass and rich sound, it performs in way that shorter-stringed pianos cannot match — all with the ease and joy of playing a top quality Yamaha crafted in Japan.

This particular piano was built to be sold on the Japanese market. The noticeable difference is that it was made without a middle pedal. Additionally, it didn’t go through the North American climatization process. Fortunately, the climate in Maine is not extremely different than northern Japan. However, there could be stability issues if taken to arid regions like the southwestern US.

The satin ebony finish is in decent condition. Some touched-up spots may be detectable on close inspection. The matching bench’s upholstery shows significant wear.

It’s not perfect, but that’s why we are offering an extremely attractive price for a Yamaha of this size. If you have the space, but don’t like the $80,000 price tag on the new model (CX7), don’t pass up this incredible bargain.

If you prefer 3 pedals, a fine polished finish, and North American climatization, please check out our other C7. The price is a little higher, but it’s still a great deal!

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C7 (2-pedal)

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