Yamaha: Lunar New Year Rebates

Have a rebate already? Click here to claim it on Yamaha's website. 2021 Rebates must be claimed by 03/31/21.

Up to $1000 Rebate on Select Yamaha Pianos purchased 02/01/21 -2/28/21.

Pianos in stock at Starbird qualify for rebates from $150-$500

Classic Collection Grand Piano GC Series:   GC2 (5’8″L)

Baby Grand GB1K (5’0″L) with Disklavier Enspire ST reproducing player + Silent Piano

U Series Professional Upright Pianos:   U3 (52″H)   |   U1 (48″H) with TransAcoustic TA2

Professional Institutional Model Upright:   P22 (48″H)

19th-Century-Inspired Gallery Collection: M560 (44″H) in Hancock Brown Cherry

b Series Compact Upright Pianos:   b2 (45″H)   |   b1 (43″H)

Flagship Clavinova interactive CVP Pianos:   CVP809GP   |   CVP805

Clavinova SmartPianos:   CSP 150   |   CSP170