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Welcome to Starbird Music & Piano Gallery, serving Maine’s musical inspiration since 1951. We are proud to present Maine’s largest piano gallery offering grand, upright, digital and player pianos from the world’s number one instrument manufacturer, YAMAHA. Also featured in our gallery is a high quality line of digital pianos from ROLAND and an ever-changing collection of used pianos in a variety of styles and price points.

A visit to our store reveals constant activity in our teaching studios, located at the rear of the store. Piano and vocal lessons are taking place all the time. Contact us if you are interested in enrolling yourself or your child in music lessons, or if you are a teacher looking to rent a studio.

At Starbird Music & Piano Gallery, we are a locally owned business with more than 65 years of experience. We make it our mission to provide a fun, friendly, and educational environment for the pursuit of all things musical.

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Thank you for your piano-moving inquiry!

We will get back to you soon to discuss estimate /scheduling.

Meanwhile, one of the movers’ new requests for coming back to work is getting videos ahead of time, so there are no surprises on-site. If you could do this now, it will expedite the booking process. So, ideally, they would like to have:

  • If applicable, video showing your piano is in its current location, and walking the route it will take to where the truck will be parked
  • If applicable, video starting where the truck will park at the destination, walking to where the piano will ultimately be going

Please narrate the route and other considerations as you are recording.

You can send videos by replying to this email. If you have any trouble with that, you can also upload to our website. The upload may take several minutes, so don’t close the window or use the back button until you get the “Video Successfully Uploaded!” message.

Best regards,
The Starbird Team