Recreational Piano Groups

Learn to play piano or refresh your skills with other motivated adults.

Piano for Beginners

Learn to play the piano at a relaxed pace in a group setting with an encouraging teacher; no knowledge or talent is assumed. All that you need is a strong desire to play, and time—a few minutes at the piano close to daily is the best approach. Progress at your pace; solo playing is not required. Many scientific studies indicate the health benefits of low-stress music-making with others. This class is a collaboration between Portland Adult Education and the Joy in Music Piano Studio. Contact:

Piano for Refreshers

Used to play and think you’ve forgotten it all? Started piano as an adult, but have been away from it? Took Piano for Beginners and want a follow-up class? This class is for you. Our relaxed approach emphasizes the joy of making music. A piano or keyboard at home is necessary. (Solo playing is not required.) This class is offered intermittently. Contact for more information.

Intermediate Piano Group 

Intermediate Piano Group is an ongoing group of adults with experience that meets on Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10 AM. The class includes a dual focus on reading music and working with lead sheets and chords; the ability to read bass and treble clef is assumed. Some of the topics explored by the intermediate piano group have been Chords and Keys; The Moods and Modes of Music; Off-Book Piano Skills; Musical Gems: World Folk Ensembles; The Big Picture—Looking at Musical Structure; Focus on Classical Themes; Piano Fun: Popular Hits; and our always popular Christmas Piano Labs. (If your primary goal is to play classical piano music, private lessons are a better fit. If you’d like to explore a variety of genres and styles of playing, group piano might be right for you.) Contact about current opportunities.