Used Pianos

At Starbird Piano Gallery, we sell a wide variety of  used pianos. We try to keep the listings below up-to-date, but we have new pianos in all the time, so please give us a call, or stop by, if you don’t see what you’re looking for!

If you are interested in consigning a piano with us, please send tuning/maintenance/repair history, measurement (height for uprights, length for grands), detailed description, and photographs to We don’t normally have space to take new consignments immediately, but Sherwin can discuss your piano as a possible candidate for our wait-list. Note: We are not taking consignments for digital pianos or spinets at this time. If your acoustic upright is 40″ or shorter, it might be a spinet. If you are unsure, please ask your tuner, or check out this webpage.

SHOWROOM: drop by to view & play!

Aeolian 5' Grand

s/n: 174312

Year: 1940s

Nice playing. If you've got space for a grand, but don't think you have the budget, give this one a look. The touch and tone will knock the socks off a similarly priced upright. $3,000


Baldwin 243

s/n: 332137

Year: 1995

Institutional studio upright with satin walnut finish. The institutional models all come with smooth-rolling casters for easy transport from various rooms in a school, church, or stage. It has responsive action, and appears to have been lightly used. Cabinet is in good shape. Since is came to the store, it has been brought up to nicely playable specifications. A great piano for the price. $2,495.


Howard by Kawai 5'10 Grand

s/n: 682950

Year: 1960

Satin walnut finish. Though Baldwin (which, at the time, owned the Howard name) contracted the manufacture of this piano out to Kawai, by all real measures, this is a Kawai, internally, and you can hear and feel the difference. For the price, you're not going to get a better sound from a piano under 6' long. It comes equipped with a humidity control system. Plays nice, full piano sound, great practice instrument or on-stage piano for school or house of worship. $6,995.


Kawai CX-21D

s/n: 1789344

Year: 1988.

48-inch Studio Upright. Gorgeous polished ebony finish. This piano means business. Incredibly responsive, with great tone. Recently pulled back into regulation, and playing extremely well. $4,495


Kimball Console

s/n: 704064

Year: 1967

This nice little US-built Kimball is a great starter piano for someone who doesn't need all the flash, and just wants to play. The action has been given a clean bill of health, and it's ready to please a more budget-conscious piano shopper for many more years. $795


Knabe 5'7 Grand

s/n: 177695

Year: 1968

SPECIAL OFFER The consignor of this one wants their piano to sell soon, but we can't give just it away, so we've cut the price down by almost a third to try to help move it out the door. $9,000


Kohler & Campbell SKG-530 5'2 Grand

s/n: KJLAG0015

Year: 2004

Beautiful polished ebony finish, and good tone. the Samick-made Kohler & Campbell name doesn't carry the same weight or renown as other modern brands, but we're not going to argue with this instrument. It plays well, and has a nice bright, full tone for its size. Finish is practically perfect. This would perfect for a hotel lobby, retirement home, or other public place where style is a must but budget must be considered. $6995


Kohler & Campbell SKV48

s/n: IMA01114

Year: 1992

48-inch studio upright with stunning polished walnut finish -- so shiny it's difficult to get a photo of the wood grain. Plays and sounds great, a good Studio Upright for those of us who can't afford the pricier options. Very clean, inside and out. $2,995


Lowrey Adventurer Mini Organ


Really fun and easy to use! Great for play & experimentation. You can try to buy it, but the entire staff will be so sad to see it go. The most charming instrument on the sales floor. $1,399


Mason & Hamlin 5'8 Model A Grand

Year: 1968

Satin black finish. For the discerning pianist. The best piano ever built under 6'. $16,900


Mason & Hamlin 5'8 Model A Grand

s/n: 39547

Year: 1930

Satin black finish. For the discerning pianist. The best piano ever built under 6'. This piano was near-fully rebuilt in the somewhat recent past, so fear not of its 1930 birth-year. Recently new Strings, Hammers, Shanks, Knuckles, Repetitions Damper Felts, etc. If the soundboard isn't new, it's in incredible shape for it's age (sadly this information isn't available to us). This piano has a few minor issues we are working on right now. A piano this outstanding will erase any memory of the few small finish imperfections it does have as soon as you play it, or even just hear it. $20,995.


Gebr. Perzina GP-122

s/n: 7789423

Year: ~2007

Studio upright in stunning polished dark walnut finish, with a sparkling clean interior --a must-see and must-hear! Perzina is known for many new innovations in modern piano manufacturing. Like all Perzinas, this piano features their unique 'floating' convex soundboard, and an exceptionally long bass string scale design, while still fitting into the 48' tall cabinet that confines it. All this contributes to a resonance the belies its size. Assembled with exclusively German parts in a factory in China built specifically for this brand. Matching adjustable artist bench included. $4,995


Petrof IV/3A Klasik 5'7 Grand

s/n: 600773

Year: 2003

Classically inspired grand with jaw-dropping intricate accents and a polished mahogany finish. Pristine inside and out. This piano performs as well as it looks, with the high quality of manufacturing we've come to expect from Petrof. A pleasure to look at as much to play. Includes matching artist bench. $17,995


Petrof Model II 7'6 Grand

s/n: 584103

Year: 2000

A semi-concert grand with polished ebony finish. Impressive sound and excellent condition. Ready for any Stage that doesn't quite need the Full-Concert sound and size, or a recording studio with precision-performance needs. Matching artist bench. $23,000


Roland HP506

The digital piano is from a previous generation, but it's still a great instrument, and a steal at $2,495


Sohmer 34-96

s/n: 139289

Year: 1961

Classic stylish 41-inch console upright with excellent satin walnut finish. Work in progress. This piano will be available when our technician has finished making improvements. If you are interested, please let us know, and we may be able to prioritize it. $2,295


Steigerman ST109

s/n: LF16073

Year Unkown, likely 80s or 90s

Compare to a Yamaha M1A. This will be a great first piano for someone who's excited to get started but doesn't have the budget for something brand new. If you plan it right, it'll last until you're ready to upgrade to a Grand. At 42 inches, the tone is bright and clear, even in the bass. Equipped with a muffler rail for those occasions when everyone else in the house isn't quite as excited for piano time as you are! $1,500.


Steinway Model B 6'11 Grand

s/n: 448718

Year 1976

Satin ebony. The finish is 'well-loved,' but for those of you looking for a polished ebony semi-concert Grand, please refer to other options we have. This is a Pianist's Piano, and will sound and play as it should, once repairs are complete. Ready for the Stage or the studio. Work in progress. This piano will be available when our technician has finished making improvements. If you are interested, please let us know, and we may be able to prioritize it. $32,500.


Story & Clark

s/n: E08530

Year: ca. 1999

45-inch Polished ebony upright w/QRS player piano system. REDUCED! WAS $6,499 NOW $4,495


Yamaha C7 7'6 Grand

s/n: F4638626

Year 1987

Semi-concert grand in Polished Ebony. Very fast action and great sound a piano to be reckoned with. There's no question it's a stellar instrument, now all we have to do is make the connection to its future owner. $25,000.


Yamaha Console

s/n: U133561

Year: 1980

42-inch console, classic styling and walnut finish with attractive wood grain. Work in progress. This piano will be available when our technician has finished making improvements. If you are interested, please let us know, and we may be able to prioritize it. $1,700.


Yamaha F01 Slimline Modus

Digital Piano with wooden keys, big sound and polished ebony finish. Sleek modern design folds flat when closed. $1,695


Yamaha GB1K 5' Grand

s/n: J2840264

Year 2012

This lovely little grand has clearly been treated very lovingly for its short life so far. Action, strings and soundboard all are as good as new. Crisp, clear tone throughout, and real delight to play. If you're looking for an entry level Yamaha grand but can't quite make peace with the price tag, this may just be your ticket! $9,995.


Yamaha GH1 FP 5'3 Grand

s/n: FP253730

Year: 1999

This beautiful baby grand from Yamaha has a cabinet in the french provincial style. The finish is flawless all around. A lovely example of the previous generation, back when they were still being made at 5'3. $12,950.


Yamaha M1A

s/n: C2247234

Year: 1976

Schwander-style return spring cords have been replaced throughout, and everything else is also good to go! Sleek European cabinet style. Compare to a new Yamaha b1 at twice the price. $2,100


Yamaha M500 H

s/n: 285383

Year: 1979

Stylish console with classy Hancock styling, dark walnut finish. $2,500


Yamaha M500 QA

s/n: 249834

Year: 1998

A fine console with elegant Queen Anne styling, cherry finish. $2,500


Yamaha U3

s/n: 3049052

Year: 1979

The legendary Yamaha Studio Upright, in polished ebony. Excellent condition: we were shocked to learn its age. Nearly flawless finish, come play it and see for yourself! $7,000


Young Chang TG157

Baby Grand with gorgeous polished mahogany finish. A great brand in great condition. $9,995


Young Chang Upright

Sleek modern upright cabinet with polished white finish.Work in progress. This piano will be available when our technician has finished making improvements. If you are interested, please let us know, and we may be able to prioritize it. $1,995



WAREHOUSE SPECIALS: view by appointment only

Kohler & Campbell Spinet

This little fella needs a little love, but with a little help, it still has a lot left to offer the right family. If you're willing to give it a home, we'll tune it, service it, and do whatever else it takes to make it it's best possible self before we let it go. $595.00


Lowrey Sensation Organ

One owner, like new condition. A fantastic instrument, and incredible bargain at $2,995.00.


Lowrey Century Organ

This is a great place to start for anyone who loves that organ sound and style. $1,195­